Implantation Explained

Implantation cramping can be defined as cramping during early pregnancy which usually symbolizes the onset of a pregnancy. It is the twinge that some women feel when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus wall forming a zygote.

pregnancy pain and cramp

This usually happens 8-10 days after ovulation usually meaning that the lady in question is pregnant. Implantation cramps commonly appear in the first trimester of pregnancy, and if felt later on, could definitely indicate another problem.

This means that one cannot experience implantation pain after a positive pregnancy test, as it usually happens beforehand. These cramps are normally followed by light bleeding which many mistake for menstrual cramps.

What Do These Cramps Feel Like?

These types of cramping are usually explained as pangs of dull pain, although the level and intensity of these pains vary from woman to woman, they can be confused for ovulation cramps or the cramping before period feeling we all know. To some it may be too strong while others might not feel it at all. They are usually felt in the lower abdominal section, typically but not always at the left-center area.

Implantation bleeding should not be mistaken for menstrual bleeding. It usually consists of a few drops or light bleeding of a bright red, pink or brownish color. If you think at all that you may be pregnant and have bright red heavy bleeding, you should visit a doctor immediately, as this could be a sign of possible miscarriage.

The first time you experience them, you won’t whether the cramps you experience are implantation ones. The pregnancy will be determined later on, after carrying out a pregnancy test which proves positive.

The Difference Between Implantation and Menstrual Cramps

pregnancy ?

These two types of cramps may be  confused, as they bear almost the same characteristics. The fact that they can both occur at roughly the same time makes it even more difficult to tell them apart. In general, implantation cramps are lighter, occurring for a short period of time, and any related bleeding is usually light and also lighter in color.

Abdominal cramping can indicate quite serious problems such as urinary tract inflammation, ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cysts, constipation, colitis, placental abruption or even fibroids. Anyone experiencing abdominal cramping should take the symptoms seriously, take precautionary measures and seek immediate medical help.

How to Cope with Implantation Cramping

For those experiencing intense implantation cramps, to alleviate the discomfort as with menstrual cramping, try placing a warm towel previously soaked in moderately hot water on the lower abdominal area, or soak in a warm bath, take Tylenol if necessary, drink plenty of water and abstain from sex as this might aggravate the pain. If the pain persists, it is advisable to seek medical advice.

Basically, implantation cramping is considered normal and natural in a pregnant woman’s body indicating a successful pregnancy. The general guideline is to understand the difference between a mild pain and s more severe one, which could indicate a medical problem. If at all in doubt, you should seek immediate medical care.

implantation cramping and pain

Priorities, this is a crucial time and one of the most important decisions is to choose a reliable pregnancy test. Also, the window is about to close. If you care about  planning your baby’s gender, click on the attachment to discover as I did in two of my pregnancies, how to pre- determine the sex of your child!

Good Luck on the amazing and emotion filled journey ahead of you. This discomfort you are feeling is a blessing in disguise!

Best wishes,

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